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Si Lucinda es la heredera de Dylan, Mr.E es el de Randy. Los "abuelos" pueden estar tranquilos, las emociones que trasmiten todos son las mismas pero con cada personalidad dando el toque.
Buff me quedo tranquilo...hay roles humanos y hay tipos de artistas: estos no participan en liga alguna, están por encima de todo lo imaginable, contando verdades.


Still in my heart after all these years
separated by time now by distance
I couldn't allow myself to feel the loss that I feel right now

you're far away and happy I know
it's a little bit late... twenty years or so
it's a little bit cold for all those concerned
but I'd sell my soul and your soul for a song
so I'll pour my heart out

I miss you
I miss you, I'm sorry but I do

I want to thank you for the good years
and apologize for the rough ones
you must be laughing yourself sick
but I wanted to write you one before I quit
and this one's it

I miss you, I wanted you to know
I miss you, and I still love you so.

Tipo "If you see her say hello"...that level...


Dear cousin,
I got your letter
It was more than i thought i deserved
Well she sounds perfect, all i dream of
And i dream about so much it is absurd
But when i get there and she sees me
I'll be impressed if she does not run screaming

My kind of love is an ugly love
But it's real and it lasts a long, long time

I had a thought while i was sleeping
And i dreamed about a place for us to rest
Eternity under the old oak tree
But i go too far i guess
Maybe i'll think about tomorrow
And maybe i can get her to stay that long

'cause my kind of love is an ugly love
But it's real and it lasts a long, long time

And if she finds me so repulsive
She wouldn't be the first to wretch
Well i decided one day long ago
I was never gonna be the greatest catch
And if she cares about the car i drive
Then she can get in hers
The moment i arrive
'cause my kind of love is an ugly love
But it's real and it lasts a long, long time

Sabe a quien tener como referente pero él es único.Esto no es competición.

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Amo la música más que a todo.

Amo la música más que a todo.
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